Gemcats Unite!
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Living in a kingdom on the edge of war, Sapphire, Emerald, and Opal attend the annual holiday festival, only to find the day will be more exciting than they once thought.

about the catmins!

the catmins are a small group of authors, illustrators, and web designers who help make this comic happen! we use silly aliases to remain somewhat anonymous. here you can learn a bit about each of us!

hai! im skott applejuice and im the creator of the concept of gemcats, as well as a co-illustrator for the comic.
im mr. meat! im the main author and co-illustrator of gemcats! all pages are drawn by me unless stated otherwise. i rly like bright colors and weird art stuff!!!
Ullo i'm Vibrance!! i love cartoons and eyestrain and pastel colors and thats what inspires my art so expect more zany and vibrant (get it) style from me! im a background artist on this webcomic!
my name's 8!! i really like furries and cartoons, and i work with site coding and other webstuff like that!